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I firmly believe that pursuing a career in a field you're genuinely passionate about is a form of self-care. 


With almost a decade of experience recruiting top talent for renowned companies like Inditex and Mytheresa, I am now committed to helping others discover and thrive in careers they love. 


As a seasoned expert in Talent Acquisition, I understand what companies look for in candidates. Therefore if you're seeking guidance, inspiration, and a wealth of experience to navigate the intricate realm of the Fashion industry while cultivating your personal brand, you've found the perfect destination. 


In my role as a dedicated Fashion Career Advisor, I will walk beside you on this exhilarating journey, unlocking your full potential, refining your style, and realising your career aspirations. 


Together, we'll craft a distinctive narrative that mirrors your individuality and passions, empowering you to truly stand out in the world of Fashion.

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